We offer many services to our clients.  With no exceptions to excellence, you are sure to be happy when dealing with us.
Unwilling to sacrifice quality, we use the most qualified
paints and supplies in the industry.  Unparrelled to our
competitors, upon leaving our facilities, our refurbished
tanks each have a Limited Warranty Guarantee*!  

We can refurbish any size tank or cylinder to a color of your
liking.  So whether you are looking to have a few tanks or
several tanks refurbished, we can help you!
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*Cylinders must be 420# or greater in size to qualify for Limited Warranty!

We have many options to choose from in our Drum selections.  From Refurbished Steel, Plastic, Fiber to Burn Barrels with or without vent holes.  Many sizes available in each category all year long.  Our Drums our graded "safe" as they were previously used in the food industry, that means no chemicals have been introduced.
Pallets / Railroad Ties
Additional services offered are our line of used Pallets and Railroad Ties.  Whether you are in the need of firewood, stacking needs, or landscaping projects, we are sure to have the size you need to complete your projects.

Pallets / Ties Pricing