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  1. Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Breasts
    Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Breasts
    Preheat grill to Medium heat. In bowl, mix 1/3C Dijon mustard,1/4C honey, 2TBL mayonnaise, 1TSP steak sauce. Set aside small amount for basting and dipping later. Grill 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves for 18-20 minutes turning and basting frequently.
  2. Grilled Huli Huli Chicken
    Grilled Huli Huli Chicken
    In a bowl mix; 1C brown sugar, 3/4C ketchup, 3/4C soy sauce, 1/3C chicken broth, 2-1/2TSP minced gingerroot, 1-1/2TSP minced garlic. Reserve 1-1/3C for basting. Refrigerate. Divide remaining into 2 separate containers w/ lids, add 12 chicken thighs. Refrigerate overnight. Drain & discard remaining marinade. Grill chicken on medium heat until fully cooked, basting frequently with reserve marinade. Makes 24 Thighs.
  3. Italian Chicken Kabobs
    Italian Chicken Kabobs
    Cube 1lb boneless skinless chicken breast. Mix 2TBL tomato paste, 1/4C olive oil, 3 minced garlic cloves, 1TBL chopped parsley. Add chicken and toss. Refrigerate 30 min. Heat grill to Medium. Skewer chicken and cubed Italian bread together. Season w/ salt & pepper. Cook thoroughly turning occasionally until cooked. Garnish w/ parsley flakes. Makes 8 skewers.
  4. Crack BBQ Grilled Chicken
    Crack BBQ Grilled Chicken
    In a Ziploc bag, place 1lb boneless skinless chicken. Mix 2C water, 2TBL salt, 1/4C brown sugar. Pour into Ziploc. Add chicken and refrigerate 2 hours. Remove chicken from brine and discard liquid.Heat grill to medium. Add chicken and season with salt and pepper. Grill 6 minutes per side. Mix 1C bbq sauce, juice of 2 limes, mince 2 cloves garlic. Baste chicken, flipping occasionally, until caramelized and cooked through.
  5. Sweet Chili-Lime Grilled Chicken
    Sweet Chili-Lime Grilled Chicken
    Mix 1C sweet chili sauce, juice of 2 limes, 1/4C soy sauce. Reserve 1/2C for basting after grilling. Add 1lb boneless skinless chicken breast to large Ziploc bag and add marinade. Refrigerate 3 hours or more. Grill on medium heat until thoroughly cooked, basting frequently. Before serving baste w/ reserve marinade and garnish w/ scallions. Serve with sliced limes (optional).
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