ACE Residential Program
A utomatic  Cylinder  Exchange
100lb. Program

Why choose Propane to heat your home?
This video reveals some of the benefits of using propane versus heating with oil.  It is our hope that this video helps you understand all of those benefits.
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  1. Installation
    Our team of service technicians will professionally install your cylinder(s). You will need to complete some minor paperwork to ensure proper billing and tracking prior to the installation. Before each installation a service technician will inspect the area(s) where the installation will take place.
  2. One Cylinder System
    Single cylinder installations can be used for many different purposes. Examples are; Gas stoves, swimming pools, ventless or vented heaters and more. Every customer has the option to purchase a cylinder or enter our yearly lease program.
  3. Two Cylinder System
    The most popular and common of all installations is a Two Cylinder System. With a wide range of purposes its perfect for many applications around your home, garage, or business. This system can offer you peace of mind, as only one cylinder drains at a time with our Automatic Switchover Regulators.
  4. 3+ Cylinder System
    A less common approach to installations is a 3 or more Cylinder System. This installation requires a great deal of available space. This system, however, can give you greater peace of mind from running out of propane. This system is not recommended to replace your existing Bulk Tank(s).
  5. Equipment
    We use ONLY the best equipment available to the propane industry. During the installation process, our service technicians will apply the recommended equipment required for your individual needs. A Limited Warranty is extended on all equipment supplied by Damuchies Propane of Pa. (proof required)
  6. Delivery Service
    Our Delivery Team is one of the best in the industry. Supplying many different homes and businesses our team provides FAST, COURTEOUS service.
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